Members of the community make a significant difference in the lives of hungry
people. Whether it is collecting, sorting and repacking food, running special events,
or conducting grassroots fund raising projects, volunteers are the daily bread of
Grace Now. Volunteers provide time, energy and financial donations that make a
lasting impact on the important work of feeding the hungry.

Grace Now is privileged to work with dozens of volunteers from all walks of life,
including retired seniors, families, high school teens, corporate employees, church
groups, civic organizations, and individuals how have been or are clients. Our volunteers contribute countless hours each month towards feeding the hungry. If you or the organization you represent would like to engage in volunteering for Grace Now of Madison County, please see below.

To sign up to work at Grace Now, please follow these easy steps:

1. Follow this link to the sign up page:
2. Find an open date and sign up! It’s that easy. If you are a group, sign the group’s name in all available slots for that date.

Note: If you have trouble accessing the site, please email
and we can sign you up manually.