Grace Now first opened its doors in 2001. It started as a small food pantry in a church, and is now a separate Kentucky non-profit corporation and a 501(c)3 corporation. In 2008, we expanded operations from one to two nights a week to meet the increased demand. We provide food for about 100 families each week. People from numerous churches, the local community, other organizations, as well as some current or former clients, make up our all-volunteer staff.

Our Story

Unlike a lot of food pantries, Grace Now seeks to build relationships with our clients. Our mission is to make a positive difference in our community by providing resources, particularly food and clothing, to people in need, and to assist them in a way that treats them with dignity and demonstrates to them God’s unconditional love and grace. Sometimes this personal touch means slower processing times, but it’s what makes going to the pantry on Monday and Thursday nights worth it.

Over the years, we’ve talked to and prayed with people who are going through personal or health crises; we’ve befriended people who are trying to break free of addictions; we’ve
celebrated with them the joys in their lives and mourned with them their losses; we’ve encouraged them when they’ve decided to go back to school; and we’ve worked with them to find the necessary resources to simply survive.

To be sure, not every story is a success story. But our job isn’t to judge. Grace, after all, is undeserved and unearned. We are grateful for the opportunity to help meet the needs of people who are struggling in life – an experience we are thankful we haven’t had to endure. We are also grateful for the opportunity to meet the people who come to Grace Now.


Each person is a gift.